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For instance, if you stay up late watching a new documentary on Netflix, you won’t feel your best when you join the next morning’s meeting sharply at 9. COVID-19 has caused fundamental shifts in the ways we work, by making us to start working from home due to mobility restrictions. And those changes are now affecting millions of people around the world. People are exhausted and fatigued after juggling work, home responsibilities, health, family, and significant changes in our world. It’s like everyone who is working from home has too much on their plates. Perhaps the most telling sign involves a general sense of irritability.

working from home fatigue

There’s a reason teams that start off virtual, but later meet in person at a company, work together substantially better after doing so. By contrast, teams that shift from in-person settings to virtual ones gradually lose that sense of shared humanity and trust. If you feel tired of working from home, mixing up what you do during the workday can help you overcome working from home fatigue.

How to fight working-from-home fatigue

Based on these results, we hypothesize that the availability of a company agreement for WFH has a positive impact on several health parameters as well as employee job satisfaction. The functionality of the technical equipment in the home office has a decisive influence on the health and job satisfaction of employees. Due to the mostly unplanned transformation process towards WFH, the technical equipment at many people’s homes was not sufficient to enable them to work effectively and healthily. The work situation could still improve as both companies and individuals improve their technical equipment for WFH.

  • We’re probably spending more time than ever on our phones messaging, video calling, and using social media, acknowledges Dr. Ramlakhan.
  • See what works during your team-building event and try to incorporate it into your daily meetings.
  • Another great aspect of team building is the variety available to explore.
  • While work from home fatigue may appear to be persistent and overpowering in time, it frequently passes.
  • It’s best to try and engage everyone on the call right out of the gate to increase overall participation.

Otherwise, using office-style culture to conduct virtual work is simply forcing a square peg into a round hole, leading many staff to burn out. The data used for the current study are part of a longitudinal study with two measurement time points. A panel company conducted a Germany-wide online survey at two measurement points (t1 July–August 2020, t2 November–December 2020). Using online questionnaires, employees in Germany were surveyed about, amongst other things, their current work situation and occupational health.

Healthy and Happy Working from Home? Effects of Working from Home on Employee Health and Job Satisfaction

While this data may be difficult to digest, there are strategies to nip remote-work burnout in the bud before it gets too bad. I have outlined three of the main causes of burnout while working from home, along with ways to remediate them so you can remote working fatigue get back on track with growing your career. Taking pride in your daily achievements, doing what you truly care about and enjoying your work are often key drivers for happiness, yet these feelings can fall short under difficult circumstances.

working from home fatigue

Social interactions at work significantly influence job satisfaction [27]. Consequently, due to the rules on social distancing and WFH during the COVID-19 pandemic, social isolation could have a negative impact on job satisfaction. In a study by Toscano and Zappalá [30], social isolation was shown to negatively impact remote job satisfaction. However, Bouziri and colleagues [1] point out that, to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, several companies switched completely to remote work and thus all employees worked from home. As a result, communication in these companies shifted entirely to digital tools. Bouziri and colleagues [1] argue that, in this case, the risk of social isolation is lower compared to what teleworkers experienced in normal times before the pandemic.


HR teams need to make sure that employees are encouraged to take sick leave when needed and effectively communicate to company’s position on sick leave when working from home. Another option is to work in some fun to your regular meeting schedule. Replace one of your meetings each month with a fun team-building event. It’s best to try and engage everyone on the call right out of the gate to increase overall participation.

  • Try a team-building activity specifically geared toward encouraging communication and collaboration.
  • In France, teleworking more than doubled compared to one year before, while it was 1.8 times the level before the pandemic in the United Kingdom and 1.5 times the level before the pandemic in Australia.
  • The data presented in this study are available on reasonable request from the corresponding author, F.N.
  • Working from the bed or couch is cozy, but it’s easy to forget you’re supposed to be working if you’re parked in front of the TV.
  • The subjectively perceived increase in one’s own autonomy was surveyed as a job resource.
  • Most people working from home most likely have an increased amount of zoom or video meetings and will probably be suffering from a bit of zoom fatigue.

Yet, there is a lack of legal frameworks for how workplaces in the home office should be equipped. We therefore hypothesize that the functionality of technologies for working in home office has an influence on various health parameters as well as the job satisfaction of the employees. There is a powerful link between social support in the workplace and reduced levels of burnout among employees. According to a UK study, the most important factor in workplace happiness is positive social relationships with co-workers.

Without the personal interactions on the office floor, it is more difficult for co-workers to notice subtle shifts in your behavior and address them with you. It is your responsibility to be aware of your behavior and speak to it with others. Let’s not forget that the restrictions are crucial measures to prevent the spread of a serious disease. Reminding ourselves that our behavior, complying with current rules and recommendations, serves the all-important purpose of saving lives and easing the strain on vital health services.

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How to Fight Working-From-Home Fatigue.

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By building trust and encouraging communication, it helps improve individual relationships within the team. Everyone is able to see different strengths in play and they can tap into those skills in the future. For example, if someone is a great leader but hasn’t stepped up in calls, they might be able to step up during a team-building event and build some confidence to be more assertive in future work meetings.

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